Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Call (828) 259-3369 and ASCC’s Clinical Manager will do an intake screening with you. We do not accept walk-ins.

What is the waiting time to see a therapist?

This fluctuates depending on the client’s needs and the availability of a therapist.  Please call the center for current availability. Currently, the average wait time is between 2-4 weeks. 

Do you take private health insurance or Medicare or Medicaid?

No, All Souls Counseling Center does not bill any insurance.

How do I know if I need therapy?

Typically, people seek therapy when emotional issues or symptoms are negatively affecting their relationships, ability to work, or general functioning and their efforts to pull themselves out of it on their own haven’t worked very well.

What should I expect at my first counseling session?

Your therapist will clarify your reasons for seeking counseling and what issues are of concern. There will also be questions about your symptoms, general functioning, background, any previous treatment, school, work, relationships, and you can share any other information you think is important. At the end of the session, you and the therapist will make a plan for your counseling.

How much does counseling cost?

Counseling with an ASCC therapist is provided on a sliding scale fee based upon your annual household income. Your therapist will discuss and set your sliding scale fee at the first session.

I don’t have any financial resources. Can I still see a therapist?

Yes, if you meet the screening criteria. We will work with you to set an affordable fee.

I am still an active substance user. Can I get help at All Souls Counseling Center?

ASCC is not set up to assist people who are active substance users. However, we do provide counseling services for people in recovery.

Is All Souls Counseling Center a religious organization?

No, the Counseling Center is a non-sectarian, independent non-profit organization.

Are All Souls Counseling Center’s therapists licensed?

Yes, ASCC’s 16+ therapists are professionally licensed and have at least five years of clinical experience, however most ASCC therapists have much more than 5 years of experience.

Do you offer group therapy?

 ASCC does offer group therapy on an as-need basis. Group participation is voluntary, and requires a recommendation by the therapist and screening by the group therapist.

How often will I see my therapist?

When starting out, clients will generally be seen once a week and should move to less frequency as goals are being met in therapy. At ASCC, we offer short-term counseling which generally is between 3-6 months  ASCC does not provide long-term counseling. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, card, and check. Client’s are expected to pay the therapy fee the day of their appointment. 

Client Testimonials

I feel very safe talking with [my therapist]. She always listens to everything I need to say and responds with great empathy and understanding. She has helped me open up more and revisit things that I thought I had dealt with but in fact are still challenging my mental health more than I thought they were. We have been working very hard to get to the root of my problems instead of just fixing whats more visible on the surface.

I am so thankful for ASCC. [My counselor] has been amazing to work's been so helpful to be able to utilize this service and the much needed support I've been searching for. 

ASCC has helped my partner and I have a better quality of life that we otherwise would not have been able to afford. Thank you.

[My counselor] is very likely saving my life. My gratitude has no measure. Thank you.

[My counselor] has been a vital part of working my way out of a very difficult time in my life. She listened attentively, asked difficult questions that needed to be asked and with a sincere sense of compassion.

My experience here at All Souls has been so life changing. The amount of compassion and dedication I feel here is so comforting. I wasn’t sure I would ever get my mind and life back but I did and I’m so grateful for this place, I love it!

I have come for both individual as well as couples therapy and I love the level of care I receive here. So thankful to have found you guys.

[My counselor’s] calm accepting demeanor helped me feel comfortable and safe in discussing anything. Her suggestions were pivotal and realistic in helping me deal more successfully with my anxiety.

[My counselor] brought so much light to our marital issues. He helped us work through years of built up negativity. With his guidance, we were able to find our love and compassion for each other again.

I'm so glad I found ASCC. I had been in therapy/counseling before, but it had become too expensive. It was important that I had a therapist and I have felt an improvement in my mental health.

This place has been a literal life-saver. I have never felt more respected or understood by a counselor. Now that I’ve come here I can’t imagine what I’d do without this place.

I am so glad to have found All Souls. I would not have been able to receive therapy otherwise!

My sessions with [my therapist] have really changed a lot for me. Eliza is always knowledgeable, nonjudgemental, unbiased, and thoroughly insightful. I have never been happier with a therapist.

I’ve noticed the changes in my personal life have gotten better and with the help of counseling I’m more happier and able to see growth.