Group Therapy

Group Therapy at All Souls Counseling Center 

ASCC provides group therapy based on specific needs and issues that arise. Group participation is voluntary, but requires a recommendation by your therapist and/or screening by the group therapist. Below are the current groups being offered at ASCC. For more information on group therapy, please call our Center at (828)-259-3369.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Group [FULL]

Losing a loved one who was a victim of suicide is often the most difficult journey anyone will experience in their lifetime. Survivors may feel guilty, ashamed, and responsible, and society often places a stigma on suicide.

To help survivors on this difficult journey, All Souls Counseling Center and NAMI WNC have formed an 8-session Survivors of Suicide Loss Group. 

This group began in October 2023. The next group will take place at the beginning of 2024. Please call our Center at (828)-259-3369 to learn more about joining this group!

DBT Group Therapy

In April 2023, Elizabeth Likis, PhD., facilitated an affordable DBT Group at ASCC. It provided a safe space to learn and practice skills for being in the moment, accepting what is, and changing your response to situations.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced based approach developed by Marsha Linehan to address those who struggle with regulating intense emotions, may have a history of trauma, have challenges in relationships, poor coping skills, substance use, and impulse control. DBT combines mindfulness practice with cognitive behavioral therapy and crisis response in a supportive environment. The group is skills-based and will cover the four modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.  

The next group start date is TBD! Please call our Center at (828)-259-3369 about costs, group details, and program start date. 

Client Testimonials

I am so glad to have found All Souls. I would not have been able to receive therapy otherwise!

ASCC has helped my partner and I have a better quality of life that we otherwise would not have been able to afford. Thank you.

[My counselor] is very likely saving my life. My gratitude has no measure. Thank you.

My sessions with [my therapist] have really changed a lot for me. Eliza is always knowledgeable, nonjudgemental, unbiased, and thoroughly insightful. I have never been happier with a therapist.

I am so thankful for ASCC. [My counselor] has been amazing to work's been so helpful to be able to utilize this service and the much needed support I've been searching for. 

[My counselor] brought so much light to our marital issues. He helped us work through years of built up negativity. With his guidance, we were able to find our love and compassion for each other again.

[My counselor] has been a vital part of working my way out of a very difficult time in my life. She listened attentively, asked difficult questions that needed to be asked and with a sincere sense of compassion.

I'm so glad I found ASCC. I had been in therapy/counseling before, but it had become too expensive. It was important that I had a therapist and I have felt an improvement in my mental health.

I have come for both individual as well as couples therapy and I love the level of care I receive here. So thankful to have found you guys.

[My counselor’s] calm accepting demeanor helped me feel comfortable and safe in discussing anything. Her suggestions were pivotal and realistic in helping me deal more successfully with my anxiety.

This place has been a literal life-saver. I have never felt more respected or understood by a counselor. Now that I’ve come here I can’t imagine what I’d do without this place.

I feel very safe talking with [my therapist]. She always listens to everything I need to say and responds with great empathy and understanding. She has helped me open up more and revisit things that I thought I had dealt with but in fact are still challenging my mental health more than I thought they were. We have been working very hard to get to the root of my problems instead of just fixing whats more visible on the surface.

My experience here at All Souls has been so life changing. The amount of compassion and dedication I feel here is so comforting. I wasn’t sure I would ever get my mind and life back but I did and I’m so grateful for this place, I love it!

I’ve noticed the changes in my personal life have gotten better and with the help of counseling I’m more happier and able to see growth.